Godchild do not be missed " unusual times "
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On educational child problem, many parents often made not self-consciously " this temporarily those temporarily " illness. In him career when successful, family is harmonious, pleasurable, the enthusiasm that teachs the child is some taller, and once touch,go up when what setback, trouble, often ignored the education to the child, should vent one's anger the child even canister, careless ground abreacts oneself undesirable mood.

Actually, as the parent, the unusual times such as misfortune or career be thwarted encounters in the family, should learn to dominate oneself sentiment more, should these " unusual times " regard as the rare good opportunity that teachs the child, in hall of true life enlarged class, tell the truth that humanness conducts oneself in society to the child.

Last year, I from unit come off sentry duty hind, mood for a time very low, run every day talent market, every day disappointed and return, be full of joyous sound to laugh at the family of language to become clouded at a draught at ordinary times. The child sees I groan every day, also become tacit rise. A word that still is a good friend reminded me: Before the setback, your every word and deed is tremendous to the child's influence, the child looks at you! Then, my requicken rises, the face up to is worn the challenge of the life. The wife looks for the book of respect of annals of a few encourage technically still, we 3 joint study, collective beat is strong.

After 3 months, I found a job that suits my eventually. I teach the child with my personal experience: The life cannot be plain sailing, have constantly strive to become stronger only, indefatigable pursuit, ability is walked out of " hill heavy water answer " , greet " promising " . The child says to me, at ordinary times when I tell all sorts of truths with him, always feel too big aerospace, do not like to listen, and I am in come off sentry duty this paragraph " unusual times " every truth that tells to him, he is firm remember well in the heart, because they are so true and authentic, happen beside oneself.

Total meeting has in the life of everybody so a paragraph or a few paragraphs " unusual times " , in " unusual times " undertake to the child " special education " , will take the effect that is less than to expect.

Origin: Meizhou daily