Listen to educational expert willow Mr Bin to talk about family education
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Walk into standing committee of National People's Congress of committee member of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, whole nation to teach Kewenwei education of committee committee member, China vice director of council of education of chairman of international communication association, former state, country total, hear his granddaughter of 6 years old and two years old of much granddaughters' happy laughter, can't help bud the teachs a problem opinion that asks Liu Bin to talk about concerned child. See before have sth in mind two lively and lovely girls, liu Bin laugh, laugh very amiably. The Liu Bin of the grandfather that is engaged in two the old leadership that teachs the job, Xiaosun daughter for years as, the children education problem of the child that pays close attention to with respect to parents talked about his opinion.

"Present child, comparing us can be much happier in one's childhood. Have so much good book as a child readable, I these two small granddaughter are pestering the person in the home to tell the story in the book to them with respect to ground of from morning till night, and it is receive tell everywhere, they are to worth hearing for many times. This kind kisses child the kind that reads in all, very beneficial to the child. Present parent pays attention to the inchoate education to the child, children can wait a variety of channel to get knowledge through TV, VCD, computer widely. Present children were brought up, affirmative meeting is cleverer than us, this is without doubt. alleged generation more stronger than generation!

Develop photograph comparing with the education that is fond of child ability and inchoate intelligence, some parents often ignored the education issue of good to the child convention and thought moral character. E.g. , should let the child need a person as a child polite, should with children harmony gets along, should tell sanitation to wait a moment. Actually, the nurturance of these good conventions to the child, very important. For the education that takes wholesome habit, yourself tells sanitation, ability can notice to maintain environmental cleanness, go paying close attention to environmental protection problem then. And can with children harmony gets along, the autonomic ability that develops the child namely actually and have the group mind that cooperates with the person, these are the quality that as 21 centuries outstanding talent place should have. And, to the education of child good convention and thought moral character, should have a process that trains repeatedly, want successive, accomplish in one move impossibly. Accomplish in one move impossibly..

When listening attentively to Liu Bin to talk, the sound of the small granddaughter that Lai Liubin passes 6 years old next door " am I had said with you? Taking biscuit to eat at the same time, walk at the same time. Eat a thing to want to be on the side of dining table, say why you don't eat lunch well again, and want snack? " it is child Yi prattles next ah sound, be she is teaching a little sister apparently.
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