First-lady fosters presidential son
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The assorted of cornstalk little cloth of Bush of the president before the United States child bear father line of business became American president. The media of the whole world exclamations: The parvenu cloth assorted of American political field is familial had risen to offing. So what Yo does cloth assorted madam have hang?

Altogether Yo has old Bush and madam Barbara 4 sons. Barbara the energy him lifetime is total pour into at the family. She does not rebuke aloud the child, she says, if child place is adored the mother rebukes so their word, can make their proper pride is damaged. If the child made a fault, she is met region of as if nothing happened they go out to play, make they meditate, play at the same time, try to guide at the same time.

Teaching side of the children before school age, barbara also has one to cover distinctive " ancestral " hang, the key of hang undertakes a family recite an activity namely. When cloth assorted madam is small, her parents often reads to her. She says: Before school age gives in the home children is recited, deep impression can leave on their little heart, this is important before learning one lesson. When is she as follows her experience reduce:

Appropriate is early should not be late. The choice gives the child the age that read, in principle is earlier better.

The habit that nurturance recites. Cloth assorted madam often reads to listen to them before children sleep. She says, the parent reads to the child in when not matter, but in everyday on 15 minutes are read at least in same time, the child can be harvested very big.

In the home, cloth assorted madam is children and grand children people put books, let their conveniently can be gotten.

Choose good book. Cloth assorted madam induces according to the expert's opinion give a few kinds of following fundamentals that pick a book: Infant (3 years old of the following) , like simple comic and the storybook that are familiar with a thing about them, appearance and color can draw the child's attention; The children before school age (come 3 years old 6 years old) , like the story of animation books, illusion, children's song that concerns daily life and animal and Fu Yan, these easily children memory.