Curious son and patient mother
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Edison (1847-1931) , world-famous American electrician and inventor, he is invented besides what wait for a respect in phonographic, electric lamp, phone, cable, film and beyond contribution, there also are many famous creations and real knowledge and deep insight in the domain such as mining industry, bldg. , chemical industry. Edison lifetime shares about 2000 creation to invent, the civilization that is the mankind and progress made enormous contribution.

The Milanese small small towns of the Ohio that edison gave birth to at ministry of American Chinese and Western 1847. Father is the descendant of Dutch, the mother ever had become elementary school teacher, it is Aberdonian descendant.

Edison asks " with respect to special love as a child why " , like to ask clear to get to the bottom of sth of a problem. Once the teacher says the addition of one digit, fellow students are serious attend a lecture, abrupt raise one's hand asks edison the teacher: "2 add 2 why be equal to 4? "The teacher is asked at a loss for word, answer his question hard temporarily. Father often also is asked speechlessly by him, be forced to pat the head melon that sends a son to say: "Go, ask you Mom goes! "Only mom can answer him those strange problems.

One day, mom is in the kitchen is busy, edison seemed to have an astonishing discovery like run, pie-eyed ask: "Mom, that hen of our home is really grotesque, it puts the egg in sitting below the buttock, why? "Mom is breathed out ah laughed, she drops the work in the hand, serious ground says to edison: "Gallinaceous mom is to be in then brood little baby! She warms those eggs after heat, can the chickling climbs from inside. You see those we brushy chicklings, they are warmed come out so by gallinaceous mom. "Small edison listened, feel really magical. He thought a little while seriously, look up ask: "Put the egg in can warm and warm chickling come out below the buttock? "" is right, namely so return a responsibility! "Mom is smiling to nod. When the meal has been done, mom discovers small edison disappeared suddenly, where cannot be found, mom is urgent, call the son's name aloud. At this moment, hear what transmit him from storeroom to promise sound. Mom feels very strange, looked in the past, original edison did a " nest " over, a lot of egg was put inside, he the in sad earnest crouchs above. Mother is stranger, ask: "What are you doing? "Edison says: "Mom, don't you know? I am in clutch ah! I am in clutch ah!!

Be in the school, love asks the edison of the problem often makes a teacher very rusty, because of this teacher occasionally example he, hit him even. In edison heart grouchy, achievement always did not rise. The teacher seeks the mother of edison, present rebuke her son: "His brain is too stupid, achievement is differred so that be in a complete mess, always love to ask the question of a few irrelevant. We teach really bad you such son. "The mom of edison listened, feeling is the teacher does not understand a son, because the child loves to think,the problem is more, curiosity is strong, seek knowledge desire exuberant. She believes the son's intelligence does not have a problem, and the child that compares others is even a lot of cleverer. Then, she is resolutely right the teacher says: "Since such, I come home my son belt, myself will teach him. "The teacher allows so that be stupefied, he cannot understand the child of this " strange " really, still have the mother of his " strange " .
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