Wear tall happy mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned
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50 time end, dai Gaole takes office as French president, he enters the first thing that does after the Elysee Palace, it is the official keep an eye on of general affairs of pair of director ceremony guest: "I follow your agree on a three-point law, you will arrange my children to attend a party twice only at most henceforth. " the official that is in charge of ceremony guest is right this be extremely puzzled, dai Gaole is opposite patiently he makes understanding commentate: "Such doing can avoid to do become privileged, to the child grow advantageous. "

11 years when be in office in Daigaole, his domestic member never has gotten any exceptional promotion as a result of his cause, his relative children never also has one the individual is held a post in the government sector by arrangement or seek interest. The child that wears high happy firm him demand, forbid their show one's face in public, do become privileged.

Once, dai Gaole's grandchildren people should attend winter sports to meet, because journey is distant, request grandfather help solves traffic and accommodation problem. For this pair of Daigaole, it is the thing of the fatigue of raise one's hand only, but he did not assent, patient ground and child were told fair with the relation of illicit, let themselves think method solves these problems.

The Dai Gaole strict requirement to children, the practice that prohibits them to do become privileged is brilliant, the effort that he encourages his children to rely on his is contended for socially position, is not to rely on father to obtain a prerogative. If the child has as a child " below large tree good enjoy the cool " idea, so once was cultivated greatly, he with respect to not know what to do, can kill his lifetime instead so.

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