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Wang Xi's is the calligrapher with Chinese famous ancient time, his calligraphy art attainment is very tall, by accepted for " book emperor " . His " order of Lan Ting market " still love for calligraphy lover up to now. "Calm abdomen east bed " what the story says is Wang Xi. Xi Jian of Jin Daitai Wei sends an a hanger-on of an aristocrat to guide to prime minister king the home goes electing son, wang Dao is getting a hanger-on of an aristocrat " east compartment alls over view children " . A hanger-on of an aristocrat come back to report on completion of the task, say to Xi Jian: "The youngster of Home Wang is pretty good, but hear somebody to elect son, become overcautious however rise, only one opens wide abdomen of calm of the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket to have a meal on bed of the eastern side, as if nothing happened. " Xi Jian says: "This is a good husband. " marry the daughter to him then. This son-in-law is Wang Xi. This is " calm abdomen east bed " the literary quotation that represents choose husband. Use then " east bed " Dong Tan " era points to husband.

The two godchild of connubial that Xi of a paragraph of king says to parent friend below review calligraphic story.

Wang Xianzhi is Wang Xi the 7th son, from a child is clever and academic, be versed in only on calligraphy cursive official script, also be apt to draws. When he is 78 years old only then learn calligraphy, division bear father. Once, of Wang Xi look display practicing calligraphy sedulously, gumshoe arrives rear, stretch his hand suddenly the brush in take the hand that show, those who display hold a pen very firm, was not smoked. Father is very glad, speak highly of: "This hind when answer have a name. " small the be pleased with oneself in the heart after the audition that display. Still once, of Xi a friend lets display write on fan, the brandish pen that display is written, abrupt pen falls on fan, polluted the word, small the sudden wit that display easily, a calf is lifelike go up at covering of the fan. Plus everybody the calligraphy brushwork to displaying is profuse in praise, small the develop that display proud mood. Display parents watchs this scene, if be thought of somewhat...

A day, small display ask maternal a surname the family name: "Should I write on 3 years to go again only? " mom shakes shake one's head. "5 years of head offices? " mom shakes again shake one's head.

Those who display is urgent, strong mom says: "Do then you say to want how long after all? " you want to remember, write these 18 crocks of water in the courtyard, your word just can have muscle to have character, vivid, just can stand erectly firm. "Display one of turning round, former father stands in his backside. Refuse to obey in Wangxian's heart, what did not say, one gnash one's teeth drilled again 5 years, the word that has written one pile looks to father, the hope hears a few praised words. Who knows, zhang Zhang has lifted one of Wang Xi, shake his head persistently. Lift " big " word, father revealed more satisfactory expression, conveniently is in " big " one is filled to nod below the word, return word manuscript those who display entirely next.
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