Godchild of mother of the first month
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Mencius young when domestic deficient. Its father name is stimulated, word fair announce, do not have what contribution but commend. But according to history record, its mother Zhang is a person that extremely experience can teach children very much again however. After father of Mencius childhood funeral, the mother became him allow illuminative teacher. Of the Mencius grow get the instruction of its mother. Story of godchild of mother of the first month is long for common people be widely read, had become later ages to teach filial example.

Mother of the first month 3 change

"Mother of the first month 3 change " those who tell is mother of the first month to teach son become a useful person, choose favorable environment, create the story that learns a condition for the Mencius. One's early years, the Mencius lives in boreal countryside, there is a burial ground near his home. In graveyard, funereal person is busy, everyday somebody is here digging pit dug. The dead's family member wraps around Ma Daixiao, howling, bugler piping and drumming, very lively. Year young Mencius, imitate a gender very strong, feel very fancy to these things, he sees these circumstances, also learning their appearance, pretend a little while worthy progeny, howling, fitting the pattern of bugler a little while. When the child play of he and neighbour swims, also imitate hold a funeral procession, funereal the scene when, taking cheat of dig of small shovel excavation.

It is good that of one mind of mother of the first month wants to make the Mencius is become read, learned person, see these strange look of the son, in the heart very bad to suffer. Feel what this environment goes against the child really to grow, think " this blame resides me so child also " , move with respect to the decision. Before long, mother of the first month moves the home in the city. Initial stage of the Warring States, business has fitted develop, in a few bigger cities, have the store of tradesman already, also have far come of deal peddling. That market that the Mencius lives is very lively, have those who sell sundry goods, have do ceramic, still have the oil mill of oil expression. The Mencius is live adjacent is forge iron on the west, adjacent kills a hog east. Bearer of the person on busy streets is gone to, in an endless stream. Peddling sit merchant, peddle loudly, good not lively. The Mencius strolls on market every day, to the businessman peddle sound is interested most, the appearance that learning them everyday is vociferant and Bacchic, imitate a businessman to do business.

Mother of the first month feels to live in busy streets to do not have good influence more to the child, move again then. Remove a wall this east learn palace on. Learning palace is the educational orgnaization of national initiate, gathering a lot of already knowledge knows formal scholar again. Li Shusheng learning palace is bright, can attract the Mencius. He runs to the look around before door learning palace constantly, still see the teacher guides ceremony of student maneuver week sometimes. Zhou Li, the ceremony ceremony of a be Zhou Chao sacred, pilgrimage, contact. Below the edification of this kind of atmosphere, the Mencius also is making the game of maneuver week ceremony with the children of neighbour. "Set Zu Dou, bow with hands clasped to let advance and retreat. " before long, the Mencius learns palace study ceremony into this happy, shoot drive, art number, 6 art. Mother of the first month is very glad, resident came down.
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