The person is living want the job to want revolution namely
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Comrade Zhu De is paid attention to all along children and grand children is taught on thought moral character, guide children to be beacon light with Marxism-Leninism, serve for people whole-heartedly.

Comrade Zhu De is in " maternal memory " (carry what Yan'an published on April 5, 1944 " emancipatory daily " ) in say: "My home is cottier... for generations cultivates for the landlord, family circumstances is poor. The friend that comes and go with us also is the poor farmer of conscientiously. " " days of such ground are whole work hard wears the mother. When I arrive 45 years old very naturally helps her by, when arriving 89 years old not only can carry can carry on the back, return meeting cultivate land. " mother " the compassion to poverty-stricken farmer and to the be rich but cruel person allergy is more intense however. Of the in a few words of maternal deep feeling of grief recount and a lot of rough facts that my saw with one's own eyes sees, inspired my childhood period to resist the idea with oppressive bright pursuit, make I am determined to seek new life. " hiding the truth from a mother to leave home town when Zhu De, far walk along Yunnan, attend new army with affined meeting when, "Know from inside the family letter, my mother is moved to my this with one action not only do not object, return me a lot of comforting exert oneself. " in war of resistance against aggression, bright red heart became commander in chief of commander in chief of the Eight Route Army, the 18th a group army, "The mother knows the career that I make, she is expecting the success that Chinese nation liberates. She knows the difficulty of our party, still live the countrywoman life that suffers from frequently in the home. " ... then, zhu De says full of and affectionately: "I should thank a mother, she teachs me the volition of manufacturing knowledge and revolution, encourage the road that revolution is on after me. On this road, I compare a day one day more knew: Have this kind of knowledge only, this kind of volition, just be the world go up most Ke Baogui's belongings. Just be the world go up most Ke Baogui's belongings..

Comrade Zhu De teachs the child, pay attention to with education of great thought moral character, influence they.

Zhu De always teachs children to want to read Ma Lie and Mao Zedong book seriously. 1951 around, his daughter Zhu Min goes to school in Russia, come home every time go vacationing, zhu De always should ask she read Mao Zedong what article. Because Zhu Min is in abroad life time is longer, chinese rate is poor, read some difficulty, he takes out time, let a daughter sit beside oneself, pulling the daughter's hand, a ground gives one word her read Comrade Mao Zedong " by people democracy dictatorship " , " the New Democracy is talked " wait for composing, read at the same time, explain the main content of the article and cramped expressions at the same time. 1952, when Zhu Min marriage, the first gift that Zhu De gives son just published one set namely " Mao Zedong anthology " . 1953, zhu Min gives birth to the first child, maternity leave is firm full, zhu De urges her to go to work. He says amiably to the daughter: "We make socialistic revolution, also want mutual help! You go going to work, the child is put in me here, I arrange her for you, you do not remember with concern. ... school dormitory should live after you go to work, often do not come home, want to work well, become one with with masses. " sometimes Zhu Min runs back to the home to see the child stealthily, the daughter is criticized after he knows not obedient, disturbed heart works. Below father's education, zhu Min does good work in the school intently, the child that whenever holiday just comes home,sees parents and oneself...
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