Become for the son " helm is versed in " father
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Fu Lei (1908, 1966) , it is our country's famous literary interpreter home, lifelong the interpreter that devotes oneself to French literature. He has two sons, game of art of youth of the 4th world and international of festival of student peace friendship plays when cornstalk Fu Cong is 19 years old, win award of piano third class; When 21 years old, play game of piano of the 5th international that resemble country again, win third class award. Fu Cong is People's Republic of China after holding water, the first plays game of Xiao Banggang musical instrument and the person of bear the palm, he is experienced deeply of fetch to Xiao Bangling, to Xiao Bang work masterly perform, stunned happy world of China and foreign countries. After Fu Cong becomes famous, when the road that people asks about to his art grows, he always calls him to learn the first teacher of music father. So how how-to child is Fu Lei is what cleave through the waves advances courageously in in the ocean of life and music?  

Let a child " audit "  of  of adult talking thing

Capacity audience of Chang Gaopeng of middling of Home Fu Lei, they gather talk about literary art, consider character philosophic theory. At first, the little brother Fu Min that Fu Lei does not allow Fu Cong and him is attendant, more the look does not get them to interrupt. And dot, nature curiosity, always want to be squeezed in the project oneself between big philtrum. Adult does not let listen the more, kids listens presumably the more. Once, painter bang millet sojourns to Fu Jia, inside the study with Fu Lei appreciate hides a picture, be unavoidable one time to harangue between two people. Between conversation, fu Lei should the external world suddenly take a thing, open the door to see Fu Cong is taking Fu Min unexpectedly eavesdrop is gotten carried, fu Cong is this by rebuke of ground of father firm firm. 
After this thing happening, mood for a long time of Fu Lei cannot calm. He reviews rebuke child to have a reason after all, at the same time the analysis refuses with the advantages and disadvantages that admits the child to participate in adult to talk. Consideration repeatedly, he decides to let a child listen to adult to discuss an issue, because can let child early experience enter a life so, make the child early intelligent. Then, wait for children in a way is a few growner, fu Lei allows Fu Cong and Fu Min from " eavesdrop is unripe " turn for formal " auditor " . 
Fu Lei's friend is public figure prominent personage mostly, exalted bearing learns to raise. So Fu Cong from its childhood times " audit " in, acquired lots and lots of things that do not go to school in book.  

Endowment discovers   from inside the child's life

Still be when Fu Cong is very small, fu Lei discovered his musical talent. Of course this was to pass certain labyrinthian, is not " give the decisive word " . 
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