Zhu Geliang gives a son 10 classes that attend
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The first class: Halcyon force

" Jing Yixiu body " , " blame is halcyon without as a result far " , " learn Xu Jing also "

Child of Zhu Geliang advice is halcyon body and mind of ability adequate training, jing Sai meditates.

Cannot quite static come down, cannot not come with effective plan, and the first requirement of study, have peaceful environment namely.

Modern great majority busies all day, whether should you be in ado static come down, review life way?

   The 2nd class: Economical force

" frugal in order to raise heart "

Expostulatory child wants Zhu Geliang economical, in order to foster oneself mitzvah.

Careful conduct financial transactions, keep expenditures within the limits of income, not only can cast off indebted worry, can live the austere life of discipline more, what won't make material is servile.

Encouraging civilized society of consumption, do you have deny had considered economical benefit?

The 3rd class: The force of the plan

" the berth that be not Dan is not had with bright annals " , " blame is halcyon without as a result far "

Child of Zhu Geliang advice should plan life, do not want fame and gain of be particular about of at every turn, ability understands his ideal quite, should static come down, quite attentive plan will come to ability.

Face future, do you have ideal? Do you have a mission to feel? Do you have your viewpoint of value?

   The 4th class: The force of study

" the husband learns Xu Jing also " , " just must learn also "

Child of Zhu Geliang advice's halcyon environment is big to learning helpful, cooperate dedicated quiet mood of course, more get twice the result with half the effort.

Zhu Geliang is not the believer of the theory of innate genius, he believes ability is the result of study.

Do you have deny the study with total main heart? Whether do you believe ability is successful hard

The 5th class: The force of appreciation

" blame learn to not have with wide ability " , " blame annals is not had learn in order to become "

Child of Zhu Geliang advice wants appreciation to want aspire first, do not be willing hard to learn, with respect to the ability that cannot increase oneself quite.

But in the process of study, determination and perseverance are very important, because lacked psychokinesis, can quit.

You have deny had thought, at a dash the person is much, hold to the person's little sense after all?

   The 6th class: The force of speed

" barratrous criterion cannot encourage essence "

Everything of child of Zhu Geliang advice is protracted cannot quite fast control wants a place.
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