Humorous godchild exceptionally effect
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Treat the child's mistake, it is a kind of method in all seriousness, but the technique that uses humour sometimes can be achieved likewise expect an end.

Well-known poet rice breaths out Russia the ace that Yier Siweiteluofu is a methodological education child with humour. One day, the poet returns the home, see family makes posse unbearably, poetic mother is phoning a hospital to request first aid. The young son Shu La of original poet drank half bottles of ink uniquely. The poet is clear, ink is unapt make philtrum poisonous, not need is alarmed, this teachs best opportunity of Shu La just about. Then, he asks easily: "Did you drink ink really? " great takes Shu La over, extend the tongue of Chinese ink color, did a moue. Poet a bit not angry, take out from house fold blotter to come, say to young son: "Do not have method now, you exert all one's strength these blotter only chew get down went! " a false alarm such by the poet a humorous word is diluent, end in the Xi laugh of family. Shu La wants to become the center of family with this formerly, but if wish,fail. After this, shu La had not made the mistake of similar limelight again.

The child, especially boy, can break free from conventions intentionally sometimes what will prove oneself with unusual action is brave, in order to cause the attention of others. Encounter this kind of situation, the best have the aid of that does father and mother is humorous, what point out his behavior with allegorical, light tone is incorrect, make he understands his mistake, achieve the goal that teachs the child thereby.